Concrete Cutting

Road Sawing

A Quick Core uses the most advanced models of Road Sawing equipment, cutting in all environments to suit the needs of the cilent and to meet their requriments to a high, safe standard. which provides cutting in all environments to suite the needs of the client and to meet the requirements of a high, safe standard.

Road Sawing is used to cut asphalt and concrete roads and conrete slabs, for drainage, cables, and electrical wires. Road saws feature a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine requiring only one operator.

We use three types of road saws:

  • ELECTRIC ROAD SAWING: Uses 32amp 3 Phase power and is ideal in confined spaces where ventilation is not adequate. Maximum depth of cutting 550mm.
  • DEEP ROAD SAWING: Turbo Diesel powered, requires ventilation. Maximum depth of cutting 1 metre.
  • DIESEL & PETROL ROAD SAWING: More cost effective, requires ventilation. Maximum depth of cutting 550mm

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Diamond Wire Sawing

T he wire saw is used when sawing large masses of concrete or stone. Cutting horizontally, vertically, inverted and requires water for cooling the diamond wire.

Diamond wire sawing is particulary useful when extremely thick and/ or awkward shapes need cutting. Can exceed 1.5 meters in depth.

Wall Sawing

A n efficient way of saw cutting, the saw is mounted to a track, this track can be mounted to concrete floors and also inverted on underside of slabs, it also has the ability to flush cut up against a wall if required.

The saw is remote controlled for safe operations. Maximum cutting depth is 1.2 metres.

Hand Sawing / Petrol / Electric

A Quick Core incorporates various types of hand sawing equipment to adapt to our clients needs and provide high safety standards. Various types of hand saws are:

  • PETROL HAND SAWING AND FLUSH CUTTING: Used in well ventilated areas, capable of cutting flush to a wall. Maximum cutting depth of 150mm.
  • ELECTRIC HAND SAW: Generally used when cutting ricks and in confined spaces. Can be used in all ventilated and limited ventilated areas, runs on 240 volt power. Maximum cutting depth 130mm.
  • PETROL RING SAW: Used in ventilated areas, where greater depths are required. Maxium cutting depth of 270mm.

Hydraulic Ring Sawing

I deal in confined spaces, and can be used with power or petrol depending on the site. Electricity supply required 32amp 3 phase. Petrol pack requires good ventilation. Maximum cutting depth up to 270mm.

Hydraulic Chain Sawing

A lows you to cut accurate corners, to cut intricate shapes in concrete, sandstone and brick work. Depending on ventilation, petrol or electric packs are available. Maximim cutting depth up to 450mm without overcutting.