G rooving is a technique applied to concrete roadways and runways for safety, preservation and environmental reasons. Roadway grooving can be traced back as far as the 1940’s where a single diamond saw was mounted and grooves where cut into the pavement. Thankfully with today’s state of the art technology and machinery, this process has been improved many times over.

Noise reduction

G rinding the roadway reduces the noise produced by tires from road traffic.

Our machines

A Two off custom built runway grooving machines Each Machine can grooves 1.65 m in width per pass, optimising capability of producing high volume of square metre age per shift.
Environmentally friendly, uses minimum water which in turn means minimum production of slurry. Therefore our water tanker and slurry tanker will only require one fill up and one dump to give maximum performance per shift.
Each machine is fitted with a state of the art multi vacuum system to ensure optimal clean surface as possible whilst grooving. Also has a point and laser guided system to ensure accuracy of cutting widths and grooving alignment, is fitted with a floating shaft and sensors on shaft for controlling accuracy of cutting depth at all times.
Machine is transported to site by a Prime Mover, it works independently on site, if anything fails on the machine, it does not require a float to be removed from site, therefore there will not be any issues if drive motors on machinery fail and you cannot load onto a float. Unlike other machines this machine can simply be hitched by prime mover and driven off site, which reduces risk.

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